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Alpha Paw - Cat Lysine Supplement

Alpha Paw - Human Grade for Pets - Cat Lysine Supplement - Extra Servings 5-10 Month Supply - Immune System, Eye, Respiratory Support (8 Ounces/225 Grams)
  • IMMUNE SUPPORT: Human grade for pets. Daily Lysine supplement provides essential amino acids to help support a strong immune system.
  • EXTRA SERVINGS: 8 oz container = 300 One-Scoop Servings or 150 Two-Scoop Servings. Enough for 5-10 months. Won’t expire.
  • ALL NATURAL: Fend off sneezing, runny eyes, and upper respiratory infections with natural immune system support.
  • FLAVORLESS: Even picky eaters won’t notice. Flavorless and odorless Lysine Powder, sprinkle over existing food.
  • HUMAN GRADE, USA Sourced: Human grade L Lysine. USA produced in a GMP-compliant facility. Alpha Paw is based in Austin, Texas

Alpha Paw - L-Lysine Kitty Supplement

The Ultimate Cat Supplement

  • 100% pure, all-natural L-lysine without any buffers to help boost your cat’s immune system and fight off infections.
  • Assists with managing symptoms from feline health issues such as sneezing, runny eyes, and upper respiratory infection.
  • Simple to dose and easy to administer! Just add to your cat’s food and mix it in. Tasteless and odorless, your cat won’t even know it’s there.
  • Premium grade L-lysine ensures your cat is receiving almost twice as much per serving as the leading brand, allowing for faster results.
  • Keeping your cats' health better is our #1 priority. While we don’t offer a miracle supplement, this powder will work to help improve your cat’s overall wellbeing.

Designed with Both You and Your Cat in Mind

No Additives - All Natural

We only use 100% pure, all-natural L-lysine without any unnecessary ingredients. At Alpha Paw, we produce high quality supplements that we give to our own pets!

More Value Per Serving

750 mg per serving of powder that works extremely well with your cat. We pride ourselves in creating products that are affordable for the value-conscious cat parent.

Easy to Administer

Administering L-lysine is as easy as scooping out the recommended amount of powder and mixing with your cat’s food.

Flavorless & Odorless

Your cat won’t even notice it’s there, making it perfect for even the pickiest eaters. Gone are the days of trying to hide pills or forcing your cat to eat something they don't want to!

Why L-Lysine for Your Feline Friend?

Controls Eye Discharge

The tear film on your cat’s eyes plays a major role in keeping them fit, and you can help with daily L-lysine supplementation.

Limits Runny Nose & Sneezing

Our L-lysine powder is an all-natural approach to help treat symptoms of feline herpesvirus such as runny nose and sneezing.

Reduces Inflamed Eyes

Swollen, watery eyes can be an indicator that your cat has conjunctivitis, which is a common feline eye disorder. L-lysine is helpful in reducing discomfort brought on by symptoms of conjunctivitis. Make sure your Kitty is comfortable with Alpha Paw's L-lysine.

Which Cats can Benefit from L-lysine Powder?

For Indoor Cats

Indoor cats have less exposure to common allergens, particularly at a younger age.

For Outdoor Cats

Outdoor cats are exposed to a variety of environmental factors that impact their immune system.

Cat & Dog Families

Dogs can bring in unwanted irritants, causing inflammatory responses in your cat. Rest easy knowing your pets can be best friends, no matter the species!

Multi-Cat Families

One cat being exposed can expose the rest of your furry family, as they can transfer infections from cleaning, grooming, and snuggling.

What is the recommended dose? For all cat breeds over 8 weeks old, ½ scoop added to food once daily for maintaining a better immune system, or 1 full scoop daily for healing and fighting off any current ailment.

How large is the packaging? Alpha Paw Cat L-Lysine comes in an 8 ounce container that’s easy to open and convenient for storage.

What happens if I lose the Cat L-Lysine Scoop? Our powder can be weighed out with a rounded teaspoon, which equals approximately 500mg.

Where is the Cat L-Lysine Manufactured? All of our cat health care products are carefully made in the USA in a GMP-compliant facility.