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Animal Essentials Super Immune Support for Dogs & Cats, 1 fl oz - Ol Complex, Promotes Healthy Immune System

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  • Supports a healthy immune system.
  • Originally designed for finicky cats as a better tasting alternative to our Echinacea/Goldenseal blend.
  • Certified Organic Herbs
  • Promotes the body's innate resistance to pathogens.
Most pet lovers know that companion animals bring joy and many lessons of unconditional love into our homes. But that is only part of a much larger gift they present to us. Companion animals stand between two worlds, that of animal and that of human, and from their position they offer us a precious opportunity to see beyond the ways of humankind and into the circle of life that sustains us all. Our mission isn’t just to provide the finest supplements for animals, but also to create an interlinked community of well-informed animal lovers that are connected by common bonds of compassion and deep respect for animals, their natural needs, and the sustainability of the products they use. Our commitment is to support and strengthen these bonds by providing people with the information and education they need, through on-site educational events and webinars, social media and links to holistic veterinary resources within their communities.

Lil' Ahava Heavenly Persians

πŸ’œ Lil' Ahava Heavenly Persians πŸ’™

CFA / Parents Genetically Tested / FIV/FeLV/Parasite Free / Holistically & Naturally-Reared Underfoot w/Children

These babies are the sweetest, most loving cuddlebugs you'll find! They adapt to their new homes easily & are just amazing!

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Our Babies are Personally Flown or Driven all over the U.S. {Never by Cargo}

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Our Babies are Guaranteed to be Free of Genetic Abnormalities

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