Kitten Care


 Your kitten has been getting combed since shortly after birth, so they are familiar with the comb. It is important to have proper tools available to groom your furbaby. I use & highly recommend the Cat Butter Comb for combing your furbaby. This comb is a greyhound style comb created by a professional groomer. Pay special attention to under the legs closer to the belly. This area can get matts easily. Combing your furbaby often & making it a relaxing experience will definitely pay-off in the long run in avoiding uncomfortable knots. Your furbaby can enjoy this time if you make it a good experience, no stress, just sit back & comb your furbaby. Pet & cuddle your furbaby during this time so they can relax & enjoy. 

 Nail Clipping

 Keep your kittens nails trimmed in order to keep your baby comfortable & avoid the need for them to scratch the items you don't want them to. It is their natural instinct to use their claws & scratch when their nails are long. I recommend this Pet Nail Grinder to round the edges of the nails keeping them more comfortable. You can clip the nails with a Nail Clipper if they are long, but using that regularly instead of grinding tends to break the nails.

 Litter Box & Litter

 Your kitten has been using the litter box for several weeks. We rotate natural litters only in order to keep your kitten flexible.The litter box is one of the most important essential items for your kitten. I highly recommend a Stainless Steel Litter Box for a basic litter tray, your kitten has already been using one. When using a regular litter box such as the stainless steel one suggested, I recommended using Skoon Litter. Once you & your kitten is ready, I recommend the Litter Robot & you can get $25 off using the link provided. The Litter Robot states it's for 5lbs & up, but your kitten has been pre-introduced, so you can definitely get one sooner. The weight is due to the sensors, but you can leave the automatic cycling off & just manually cycle (even from your phone).


* Links above & below are to recommended essentials for your new kitten. We only recommend the very best, items that we've researched, & use or have used. Some links are affiliate links which means Lil' Ahava may receive compensation or credit for a purchase through such link. We really appreciate you using our links when shopping for your furbaby's needs as it helps our family continue to provide the very best for all of our furbabies & it doesn't effect your purchase whatsoever. Feel free to come back as needed to use the links again. Thank you for your support!