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Skoon All-Natural Cat Litter {3 Bags}

(3 Bags) Skoon All-Natural Cat Litter – Light-Weight, Non-clumping, Low Maintenance, eco-Friendly - absorbs, Locks and Seals Liquids for Best Odor Control
  • HIGH ABSORPTION = NO ODOR -- Urine is absorbed in seconds, so it always stays clean and dry, leaving no trace and best of all absolutely no odor, making Skoon a great choice for multi-cat families
  • NON-TRACKING -- Skoon will not stick to your cat´s paws, preventing any unhealthy licking or messy house tracking.
  • LOW DUST -- Skoon pebbles are hypoallergenic and FREE of chemicals or odor-masking fragrances
  • LOW MAINTENANCE -- Skoon is clump free, so no more wasting time scooping pee chunks and constantly refilling the litter box.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY -- Skoon is lightweight and all natural; it can significantly reduce kitty’s carbon paw print over her lifetime.